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Musical Montage: Smash Mouth “Can’t Get Enough of You Baby”

By Zach

Smash Mouth was everywhere in the 90’s, especially on movie soundtracks like Shrek and Mystery Men but they were also included on the soundtrack for 1998’s Can’t Hardly Wait.  Although it seems like a response to American Pie, Can’t Hardly Wait actually came out the year before and featured a ton of actors on the verge of hitting it big, like Seth Green, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ethan Embry, Lauren Ambrose and Peter Facinelli and focuses on a massive graduation party attended by the seniors of Huntington Hillside and everyone there has a goal or side plot, like Ethan Embry trying to work up the courage to declare his love for Jennifer Love Hewitt.  The strange thing about the music video for Can’t Get Enough of You Baby, besides the usual Smash Mouth weirdness, is that it takes place at what looks like a prom, not a house party, so the guys must not have gotten the memo there.  Along with the usual clips from the movie intercut throughout, Jennifer Love Hewitt shows up for a cameo at the end.  Check it out below.

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