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Mandy Moore is Trapped 47 Meters Down

If there’s one thing movie characters need to learn, it’s stay away from sharks. There’s never been a good encounter with a shark since Jaws burst onto the scene and things continue to be blood soaked and terrifying this summer with 47 Meters Down.  Mandy Moore and Claire Holt star as sisters vacationing in Mexico who decide to go on a trip to dive in shark cage from a boat piloted by Matthew Modine.  The line holding the cage to the boat snaps while the sisters are underwater however and they are trapped the title distance down in the ocean, with a massive great white shark between them and the boat.  It looks like a solid “trapped in one location” movie, which has had previous shark related entries with Open Water and last year’s The Shallows.  47 Meters Down was originally headed straight to DVD but distributor Entertainment Studios decided to give it a theatrical run instead.  It’s out on June 16th and you can check out the trailer below.

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