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Hayden Christensen Has His Son Taken in First Kill (Trailer)

By Zach

Possibly only rivaled by Nicolas Cage, Bruce Willis shows up multiple times a year in schlocky DTV action movies that fill up your Netflix queue and local Reboxes and coming up in July is First Kill.  Willis plays the sheriff of a small town where Hayden Christensen’s Wall Street broker grew up and he brings his wife and son home for a vacation away from the city and the opportunity for father and son to bond while hunting.  A crew of bank robbers enter the woods while they are hunting and one is injured and, after bringing him back to their cabin, he kidnaps Christensen’s son and demands he find and deliver the stolen money.  Forced to hide the truth from Willis, Christensen has to try and get his son back without getting caught by the cops.  Willis seems like he’s sort of in sleep walking/check cashing mode and Christensen is probably not anyone’s first choice as an action star, especially after the prequels, but you can find out when the movie arrives on July 21st.  Check out the trailer below.

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