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Battle at the Box Office 6/12

Wonder Woman remained at the top of the box office for another weekend while everywhere but the US seems to love The Mummy.

Wonder Woman took in another $57.2 million, putting it over $205 million for it’s two weeks out and it had the lowest opening to 2nd week drop of any of the DCEU movies released so far (BvS suffered an almost 70% drop off from it’s opening weekend last year).  It’s made over $435 million worldwide.

The Mummy was second with $32.2 million, which if you adjust for inflation, is far worse than any of the Brendan Fraser led Mummy movies and just barely more than the Dark Universe non-starter Dracula Untold made in it’s opening weekend.  However, worldwide the movie is #1 and it’s Tom Cruise’s biggest global opening of all time with $141.8 million, including $52 million from China.  It’s not a total disaster but it’s probably not how Universal wanted their Dark Universe to kick off.

Captain Underpants took third place with another $12.3 million, putting it over $44 million for it’s two weeks out, which puts it almost dead last compared to Dreamworks prior animated films and with Cars 3 out this coming weekend, it’s not going to make much more.

Pirates 5 and Guardians 2 rounded out the top 5, with the latter crossing over $828 million worldwide and taking the fifth spot in the MCU as far as total box office.  It’s also currently the 2nd highest grossing domestic film and third highest grossing worldwide for 2017.  Pirates is not doing as well domestically but worldwide it’s currently the sixth highest grossing film of 2017.

It Comes at Night, the latest from prestige distributor A24, took in $6 million for sixth place, under expectations compared to the company’s last few releases and the critical acclaim for the movie.  The advertising seems to be working against it as well as general audiences seemed to hate it and gave it a “D” on Cinemascore, most likely feeling duped that it wasn’t more of horror/zombie movie.

Other new release Megan Leavey took eighth place with $3.8 million.

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