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Battle at the Box Office 6/19

By Zach

Cars 3 managed to top Wonder Woman this weekend, but just barely.  The third entry in the Pixar series had the lowest opening for the series and it was one of the lowest openings for Pixar in general.  Cars made about $60 million when it debuted and Cars 2 made about $66 million and Cars 3 managed an opening of $53.5 million.  For all of Pixar’s openings, it sits between Cars and Ratatouille.  Adding it’s worldwide gross, Cars 3 made $74.8 million total for it’s first weekend out.

Wonder Woman dropped only 30% from last weekend for another $40.7 million, putting it over $274 million so far domestic and over $571 million worldwide and it’s outpacing Man of Steel and, if it keeps up the momentum, should top that movie and possibly also Suicide Squad as far as gross for the DCEU.

All Eyez On Me was the surprise third place, which made $27 million despite terrible reviews.  It’s nowhere near as much as Straight Outta Compton made it’s opening weekend but it is more than the Notorious BIG movie, Notrious, which made $20 million it’s opening weekend.

The Mummy dropped to fourth place, and lost 56% from last week, with $13.9 million but it’s still the number one movie internationally and that is probably the only thing saving the Dark Universe at this point with $239 million made from outside the US.

47 Meters Down rounded out the top 5 with $11.5 million, which is decent for a movie that was originally going to debut on Blu-Ray/DVD.  It didn’t top last year’s shark movie, The Shallows, though, which made $16 million it’s opening weekend.

Somewhat crashing and burning was Rough Night, which was trying to be one of the big R rated comedies but didn’t even top Snatched from earlier this summer, which most everyone has already forgotten came out.  Rough Night took in $8 million, which is much less than pretty much every other big, female led R rated comedy in recent years, including Trainwreck, Bridesmaids, Sex Tape, How to Be Single and Bad Moms.

In limited release, The Book of Henry took in $1.4 million in 579 theaters and took 13th place.

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