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Battle at the Box Office 6/26

Transformers: The Last Knight was the number one movie at the box office, as expected, over the weekend but it was by far the lowest opening for the franchise, which seems to imply that at least US audiences are finally getting tired of the mechanical Bayhem unleashed every few years.

The Last Knight made $69 million total since it came out on Wednesday last week but for the normal 3 day weekend it only made $45.3 million.  The closest opening for the series is the original Transformers, which made $70 million back in 2007.  Overseas though, it’s killing yet again, making over $199 million, with $123.4 million coming from China, but the budget was $217 million, so it needs to keep raking it up overseas to come close to breaking even, let alone be profitable.

Wonder Woman and Cars 3, as of the time of writing this article, is being reported as having tied for second with $25.2 million each.  Wonder Woman is currently outpacing the other three DCEU movies, currently sitting at $318 million and it will become the highest grossing movie of the DCEU without question.  It’s also made $334.5 million internationally.

47 Meters Down and All Eyez on Me rounded out the top 5 with $7.4 million and $5.8 million respectively, with 47 Meters Down having a solid hold from last weekend, only dropping 33% from it’s opening weekend.

Nothing else really moved in the bottom half of the charts but in limited release, Beatriz At Dinner opened with $1.8 million in 491 theaters and just missed the top 10, coming in 11th.  The Big Sick and The Beguiled both opened in extremely limited release as well.

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