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Contest: Win a Con Survival Pack from CometTV

By Zach

Comet has another prize pack to give away this month, this one to help you survive any of the big conventions coming up for the rest of the year.  The prize pack includes a T-Shirt, a lanyard with a USB drive hidden inside, a flexible water bottle and 2 energy bars.  To enter, you just have to send your name and mailing address (US Residents only) to contact@everythingaction.com by Friday, July 21st at 11:59 PM EST.

In addition to the prize pack, Comet is also showing a ton of Godzilla movies this month, including the original Gojira, every Saturday either on http://www.comettv.com/ or locally broadcasting over the air via a digital antenna.

This coming Saturday, the 22nd, you can watch Godzilla vs Monster Zero at 10pm EST and Godzillas Revenge at Midnight and next Saturday, the 29th, you can see Terror of Mechagodzilla at 10 PM EST and Gojira at Midnight.

Along with the Godzilla movies, Comet is also showing cult movies like Soylent Green and Sometimes They Come Back all month as well.

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