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The Pull List: Amazing Age #1 & #2

Posted on July 19, 2017 by

Did you grow up doodling super heroes? Heroes that could fly, break through walls, save innocent people and fight evil? High school cartoonist Sam Charleston did, and now his imaginary world has become his reality troubles in Amazing Age. Created by Matthew D. Smith, Jeremy Massie and Christine Brunson, and published by Alterna Comics, Amazing Age is the story of Sam and his two friends Mike and Violet, who arrive into a universe with their own imaginary heroes and villains. The group of friends are greeted by the superhero team S.A.V.E. (Super Actions Verse Evil) and are hunted by the villainous Maulers.

Issue 1 of Amazing Age explains the daily life of Sam, Mike and Violet, and their geeky hobbies and the struggles of being a teenager in high school. All that changes when, in an alternate dimension, a rift opens and the three friends are teleported to a world filled with their own cartoon characters. Issue 2 picks up with Sam and his friends encountering a battle between members of S.A.V.E and the Maulers, and Sam slowly realizing that this world has a great effect on him.

Amazing Age is a family friend tale of what living in the super power world from an outsider’s perspective. Similar to Alice in Wonderland, Amazing Age main focus is having ordinary people put into extraordinary situations. Fans of movies like Cool World and Last Action Hero will see how fun it would be in a fantasy world of your own creation, but it’s also not all that it’s cracked up to be. The story and art style resembles the Silver Age of Comics where heroes wore bright costumes and no one was a gritty Frank Miller character. For comic fans looking to get into more small press comics, Amazing Age is a great series to add to a collection.

You can find more about Amazing Age at the Alterna Comics website.

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