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The Pull List: BANKSHOT #1 & #2

Posted on July 19, 2017 by

Who doesn’t like a good action packed revenge tale? (I sure do!) Comic creators Alex de Campi, CHRISCROSS and Snakebite Cortez introduce a new action packed story in BANKSHOT, a limited series published by Dark Horse Comics. BANKSHOT is a series about Marcus King, a former American solider turned billionaire and secret terrorist. Hidden behind his rich lifestyle, King is on a path of revenge to solve a conspiracy that killed his squad mates, severely injured King and caused King to rebuild his life as a mercenary for hire. King uses his wits, his money, and new found abilities, to take jobs from those with the right price to get closer to uncovering the people responsible for his past. The series is told in a broken up, non linear structure, with plot handed out at different moments of Marcus King’s fall as a solider and the rise of his criminal fame.

The first issue delves into King’s past experience as a solider fighting in the military and jumping to the present with the FBI looking to contain King. In the past, King was part of an escort mission that was moving a man called The Dutchman which was ambushed, leaving King crippled and his squad dead. Jumping ten years to the present, King is now recovered, living a lavish life and secretly continuing to hunt The Dutchman.

The second issue delves into how Marcus King begins his transformation from solider to criminal and his current lead on the Dutchman. In a flashback, a few of King’s allies are introduced and the science behind King’s recovery is explained. As King gets closer to the Dutchman, the Dutchman plots to spring a trap on King.

Given that this is a limited run series, Marcus King is a fun character to explore with a punch first, shoot second attitude that blends well in this story. Fans of action packed tales will find the first two issues appealing since it resembles a 90’s action flick: Indestructible protagonist, a damsel in distress, greedy men in suits and their terrible henchmen, and a little bit of mad science involved. The balance of action sequences and exposition is not always the same for each issue, but I was intrigued to learn more Marcus King’s motivations in the second issue while reading towards the next fight panel.

You can find out more about BANKSHOT at the Dark Horse website.

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