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Telltale Unveils New Seasons for Batman, Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us

By Zach

As we head into the insanity of San Diego Comic Con this weekend, Telltale Games revealed three new seasons for their Batman, Walking Dead and Fables series.  The one coming up the soonest is Batman, which will get a second season entitled “The Enemy Within” and features Troy Baker back as Bruce Wayne/Batman as he has to deal with The Riddler and the slowly growing threat of The Joker, who Bruce met in season 1 while in Arkham.  The first episode, titled “The Enigma” will be out on August 8th on basically every platform and there’s a behind the scenes video below.

Telltale also revealed that the new season of The Walking Dead will also be it’s last season and will shift the focus back to Clementine after a detour playing as disgraced baseball player Javier in The New Frontier season.  This final season wlll debut sometime in 2018.

The new season of The Wolf Among Us, based on the Fables comic series, will also debut in 2018 and continue the adventures of BB Wolf in the noir fairy tale universe of the comics.  There’s a behind the scenes/announcement video for all three projects below.



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