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Westworld is the Unhappiest Place on Earth in Season 2 (Trailer)

By Zach

After garnering the most Emmy Awards of any drama for it’s first season, the first trailer for season 2 has arrived and things have gone out of control at the park.  After the hosts reprogrammed by Maeve (Thandie Newton) run rampant through the control center and kill a score of Westworld engineers and higher ups, there seems to be no control over any of the hosts or what is happening in the park itself and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), who gained full sentience at the end of last season, seems to be going on a murderous rampage against the corporate officials with Teddy (James Marsden) at her side while security looks to try and contain the situation.  There’s also the implication in the trailer and in the season finale last year that Samurai World may come into play at some point.  Ed Harris’ Man in Black is also still around and kicking and probably not too pleased about how things got left with Dolores in the season finale.  The new season starts sometime next year and you can check out the trailer below.


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