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News Shotgun 7/29

  • Hulu gets rights to TGIF shows: While Netflix is continuing them, Hulu is getting the rights to every original episode of the shows of the classic TGIF lineup, including Full House, Family Matters, Perfect Strangers, Hanging with Mr. Cooper and Step by Step.  They’ll by available on September 29th.
  • Angie Tribeca gets another season: TBS has renewed Angie Tribeca for a fourth season with Bobby Cannavale joining the cast in an unknown role.  The new season will be 10 episodes and air sometime next year.
  • RIP June Foray and John Heard: A couple more sad passings this past week with legendary voice actor June Foray passing away at age 99 and John Heard passing away at age 71.  Foray was the voice of Rocky in Rocky & Bullwinkle, Magica De Spell in Ducktales, Talking Tina in The Twilight Zone and tons of other projects while John Heard was best known as Peter McAllister in the Home Alone movies but was also in movies like CHUD and Big.
  • Keith David joins New Warriors: David will play a character named Emmet Vigman, created just for the show, who is a municipal employee who butts heads with the New Warriors.  The show will be airing on Freeform probably sometime next year.
  • Mahershala Ali confirmed for True Detective: The Oscar winner has been confirmed as starring in the upcoming third season of True Detective but HBO still needs to find a director to 100% green light the show.  Nic Pizzolatto is getting help/being restrained this upcoming season by Deadwood creator David Milch.
  • Jared Harris starring in Chernobyl mini-series: Harris will play Kremlin investigator Valery Legasov in a five part mini-series following the people trying to prevent and then contain the 1986 nuclear disaster.
  • Female spin-off expanding the John Wick universe: The John Wick cinematic universe seems to be growing as, along with John Wick Chapter 3 and The Continental TV show, a female led spin-off called Ballerina is in development.  Ballerina is a “La Femme Nikita style spy thriller” and being written by Shay Hatten, who wrote the Black List script Maximum King!, which would have been a dramatization of King’s attempts to direct the adaption of his own book, Maximum Overdrive.
  • James Cameron may be producing a new Terminator trilogy: Cameron gets the rights back to The Terminator in a year and a half and he’s talking to current rights hold David Ellison about “reinventing” the franchise and possibly produce a new trilogy of films, with Arnold most likely back in some capacity.  Cameron will probably never direct another Terminator as he’s in the quagmire of Avatar sequels until probably the end of time.
  • Bond 25 gets a release date: The new James Bond film will arrive on November 8, 2019 with Daniel Craig more than likely back as Bond.  A director is currently being sought and there’s also a rumor that Adele may return for a new theme song.
  • Sarah Paulson joins Glass: American Horror/Crime Story star Sarah Paulson has joined the Unbreakable/Split sequel Glass in an unspecified role.  James McAvoy and Anya Taylor-Joy are back from Split joining Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson, who are reprising their Unbreakable roles.
  • Third “…Has Fallen” movie gets a director: Angel Has Fallen, the third film in Gerard Butler’s action franchise, has gotten a director in Ric Roman Waugh, who directed The Rock in Snitch, and the movie seems like possibly their take on Air Force One, with Mike Banning and The President being attacked while in the air.
  • Netflix getting new Matt Groening cartoon: The Simpsons and Futurama creator is bringing a new animated series to Netflix with Disenchantment, a humorous take on the fantasy genre where a drunken princess (voiced by Abbi Jacobsen) goes on adventures with an elf named Elfo (Nat Faxon) and her person demon (Eric Andre).  The show will hit streaming sometime next year.
  • Close Encounters coming back to theaters: Spielberg’s classic alien encounter film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, will be back in theaters to celebrate it’s 40th anniversary for one week starting on September 1st.

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