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Frank Tries To Pound Away His Memories in the First Teaser for The Punisher

Of the many great things to come out of Daredevil Season 2, Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle was arguably the greatest.  Finally bringing a version of The Punisher to the screen that fans have been waiting for and not quite getting from any of his three big screen adaptations, Daredevil’s Frank was the perfect mix of brutal and dramatic and he is rightfully getting his own full series later this year.  If you watched all 8 episodes of The Defenders over the weekend, you probably saw this teaser afterward but it’s officially up by Netflix now and gives a tease of what we can expect when we welcome Frank back.  There’s not any plot details and it’s more style over substance but this is definitely one of our most anticipated things of the fall.  Check out the teaser below.


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