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Nic Cage Goes Rogue in Vengeance: A Love Story (Trailer)

Posted on August 21, 2017 by

Nic Cage is back after reprising one of his most insane roles in Arsenal earlier this year with what looks like a pretty standard revenge thriller, Vengeance: A Love Story.  Cage plays a detective and former soldier who becomes involved with a case where a woman was viciously attacked and raped in front of her daughter while on the way home from a party and, due to scheming of a sleazy lawyer, the case against her attackers is thrown out.  Cage decides to take justice into his own hands and sets out to take down everyone involved.  The movie is actually based on a book with the more controversial title Rape: A Love Story and it’s directed by Johnny Martin, a prolific stuntman who has recently directed a couple of smaller horror movies like Case #13 and Delirium.  The movie is out sometime later this year and you can check out the trailer below.

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