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Insidious is Back for More Demon Creepiness with The Last Key (Trailer)

The last few years, the new year has always kicked off with a horror movie and this coming January, Insidious will start 2018 off on a creepy note with the fourth entry in the series, The Last Key.  Following the third film, The Last Key is a prequel to the events of the first two movies and finds Lin Shaye’s Dr. Elise Rainer being called to her old childhood home to help the new family that has moved in and are being terrorized by demonic forces, including a new creepy entity with key like fingers.  Elise and her team, including series co-writer Leigh Whannell, arrive and do their usual thing, which includes going into the demonic realm of The Further.  It looks like typical Insidious stuff and it’s directed by The Disappearance of Deborah Logan director Adam Robitel.  It’s out on January 5 next year and you can check out the trailer below.

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