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Movie of the Month: Stone Cold

Posted on September 14, 2017 by

It’s September and that means the weather is changing, school is starting, TV is returning and football is on almost every night.  Going off that last point, arguably the greatest football player turned action star is the one and only Brian “The Bos” Bosworth and we’re watching his 1991 debut this month, Stone Cold:

Directed by Craig R. Baxley, who also delivered underrated gems like Action Jackson and I Come in Peace, Stone Cold finds The Bos starring as Joe Huff, a cop who goes undercover into a white supremacist biker gang called The Brotherhood trying to sniff out their plan to kill a district attorney and free one of their captured members.  Lance Henriksen and Willam Forsythe co-star as the main villains of The Brotherhood.  The movie originally got an NC-17 rating when first sent to the MPAA but was cut down to it’s R rated version but unfortunately that uncut version has never surfaced.  We’ll be watching Stone Cold at the end of the month for our next commentary, so stay tuned to the site for when that is released.

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