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Musical Montage: Limahl “The NeverEnding Story”

By Zach

1984’s The NeverEnding Story is still one of the most beloved 80’s and fantasy movies of all time and something that is probably still stuck in fans’ heads is the theme song by Limahl.  Also known as Christopher Hamiil, Limahl is the lead singer of 80’s group Kajagoogoo but shortly before the The NeverEnding Story arrived he had gone solo with a hit single in 1983, “Only for Love”, in the UK but “The NeverEnding Story” was a huge hit in many countries of Europe, including hitting number 1 in Norway and Sweden and number 2 in Austria, Germany and Italy.  In the US, it reached number 6 on the Adult Contemporary charts and number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100.  In a nod to the movie, the song actually doesn’t really start or end, it just fades in and out, which is kind of a cool touch.  The official music video is pretty different than most movie music videos in that Limahl only appears briefly in the beginning and the rest of the video is clips from the movie.  Check it out below.

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