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It’s More Jungle Wackiness in the Second Jumanji Trailer

The second full trailer for Jumanji: Welcome the Jungle has arrived and it’s pretty much the same as the first trailer, showing off the wacky body swapping premise as Jumanji gets upgraded in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.  A group of high schoolers in detention find an old video game system in the school basement and, upon playing it, they find themselves sucked into the world of the game and into the bodies of the four avatars, played by The Rock, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan.  It’s still not clear what exactly their overall goal is but they do get help from characters played by Nick Jonas and Rhys Darby and there appears to be evil mercenaries(?) and dangerous animals to contend with.  Jake Kasdan, who directed Bad Teacher and Sex Tape and is a producer on New Girl, Fresh Off the Boat and Speechless, is directing and it’s out on December 20th.  Check out the new trailer below.

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