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Battle at the Box Office 10/9

By Zach

General audiences apparently weren’t quite as enraptured or excited about Blade Runner 2049 as critics and sci-fi fans, as the movie underperformed despite taking the top spot over the weekend.

Blade Runner 2049 made $32.7 million, which is well below expectations of between $45-55 million for an opening weekend.  The movie also cost over $150 million to make, so this could be a pretty big loss for WB if it takes a nosedive in the following weeks.  Worldwide, the movie made just over $50 million, putting it at $82 million total so far.  At least it’s better than when the first Blade Runner came out, which was an infamous failure with it’s theatrical cut but grew it’s cult via home video and the subsequent recuts.  Adjusted for inflation, the original Blade Runner made $18 million it’s opening weekend back in 1982.

The Mountain Between Us took second place with $10 million, which is very slightly above predictions but fairly mediocre overall.  It’s in the top 10 for Kate Winslet’s openings but definitely on the lower end for Idris Elba, even the recent flop of The Dark Tower, which made just shy of double Mountain’s gross at $19 million.

IT dropped to third with another $9.9 million but it’s now crossed over $300 million domestic and over $604 million worldwide.  It’s the fifth highest grossing movie domestically for 2017 and just shy of the top 10 worldwide behind Transformers: The Last Knight.

My Little Pony opened in fourth place with $8.8 million, which is one of the lowest animated openings of the year, only really topping the already forgotten September release Leap! And even coming up short against the also forgotten Smurfs reboot that came out this summer.

Kingsman rounded out the top 5 with another $8.1 million, bringing it to just shy of $80 million for its three weeks out.

Further down the list, biopic Victoria & Abdul expanded wide and jumped into the top 10 from 11th place last weekend to 8th place this weekend with $4.1 million while Battle of the Sexes, despite getting more theaters, actually dropped down to 10th place with $2.4 million.  Flatliners also continued to bomb, dropping almost out of the top ten in its second week and barely holding onto ninth place with $3.8 million and it’s only made $12 million so far.

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