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Musical Montage: W.A.S.P “Scream Until You Like It”

Coming out in 1988, Ghoulies 2 took the titular creatures to an amusement park, where they caused all sorts of mayhem for the patrons on and around the “Satan’s Den” funhouse, including finally fulfilling the promise of the poster for first Ghoulies where one of the creatures emerges out of a toilet for a disgustingly hilarious kill.  Heavy metal band W.A.S.P contributed the main song for the movie’s soundtrack, “Scream Until You Like It”, which featured the band getting up close and personal with the Ghoulies as they burst through their instruments and just sort of hung out, especially with W.A.S.P’s lead singer Blackie Lawless, who seems super psyched to be friends with disgusting little puppets.  The music video also includes the requisited clips from the movie and you can watch the whole thing below.

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