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Battle at the Box Office 10/23

By Zach

Of the five new movies coming out over this past weekend, all but the latest Madea flopped or at least didn’t live up to expectations.

Boo 2! Took the top spot at the box office with $21.6 million, which is about $7 million off from the opening of the first Boo! But it continues the trend of Madea movies opening above $20 million, with the exception of A Madea Christmas, which had a $16 million opening.  Compared to every Tyler Perry movie, Boo 2! Was the 8th highest opening between I Can Do Bad All By Myself and Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor.

Geostorm took second place with $13 million but, considering it cost at least $120 million to make, it probably won’t be making it’s money back for WB and it’s also below almost every recent disaster movie opening, only topping the Kitt Harrington starring Pompeii, and it’s well off from the king of disasters, Roland Emmerich, whose extremely similar 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow both opened to over $65 million.

Happy Death Day had a pretty serious drop from it’s winning weekend last week, falling over 64% to a third place finish of $9.3 million and $40.6 for it’s two weeks out.  That’s already four times it’s budget, so like most Blumhouse movies, it’s extremely profitable.

Blade Runner 2049 continues to take a beating, dropping to fourth with $7.1 million.  It’s made $194 million so far worldwide and it’s opening in Japan and China next weekend, which WB is probably hoping will boost that total.

Only the Brave rounded out the top 5 with $6 million, which is pretty much what Sony expected, although they probably thought it might perform slightly better considering it was the best reviewed movie going into the weekend.

Absolutely bombing in ninth place, even considering it was in less theaters than the other big releases, was The Snowman, which made $3.4 million.  It’s the worst wide release for Michael Fassbender and it’s one of the worst openings in the serial killer thriller genre, sitting between the opening of forgotten movies like In the Cut and Kalifornia.

Outside the top ten, Christian aimed Same Kind of Different As Me came in 12th place with $2.5 million, which puts it in fifth place for distributor Pure Flix but there’s over $10 million between their fifth and fourth place and it’s also a low opening compared to most of the Christian aimed movies in recent years.

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