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Helen Mirren Gets Haunted in February with Winchester (Trailer)

Considered one of the strangest and most haunted houses in history, the Winchester Mansion was built by Sarah Winchester, heiress to the Winchester firearm fortune, and was filled with hallways and doors leading to nowhere, sealed off rooms and other bizarre constructions that were supposedly to help confuse the spirits of all the people killed by Winchester weapons that stalked Sarah Winchester.  Although it’s been mostly confirmed that Sarah Winchester just had slightly more eccentric design ideas than most, the upcoming movie based on her and the house are going full on horror haunting with Helen Mirren playing Winchester and Jason Clarke playing a doctor dispatched to judge her mental stability.  It looks like it’s on par with recent horror movies like The Conjuring series and it’s spin-offs (and hopefully better than The Asylum’s take on things) and it’s directed by the Spierig Brothers, who directed Daybreakers and Predestination and also are bringing back the Saw franchise with Jigsaw.  Predestination’s Sarah Snook co-stars and the movie is out on February 2nd next year, check out the trailer below.

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