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Horror Villain of the Week: Randall Flagg

By Zach

Name: Randall Flagg

Portrayed by: Jamey Sheridan (The Stand), Matthew McConaughey (The Dark Tower)

Origins: A powerful, evil sorcerer, Randall Flagg has traveled across different dimensions and worlds causing destruction and chaos wherever he goes.  He gathers followers on Earth (or a version of Earth) that is ravaged by an apocalyptic plague in Las Vegas but is defeated when a nuclear bomb destroys the city.  He is also the arch-nemesis of Roland Deschain on Mid-World, going by the name Walter O’Dim and trying to destroy The Dark Tower to unleash the evil forces it keeps at bay.

Powers: Various magical abilities including shape shifting, necromancy and prophecy and he can manipulate the minds of people and animals.

Weapon(s) of Choice: Magic, mind control

Main Adversaries: The Boulder Free Zone residents, Roland Deschain

See Randall in Action:

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