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EA Commentary: Horror Express

Starring the legendary horror icons Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee, 1972’s Horror Express is a low budget, weird romp that teams up the duo instead of the usual battling they did in the iconic Hammer movies of the 60’s to find out what is killing passengers on a train traveling the desolate wilderness of Russia in the 1900’s.  Telly Savalas co-stars as a ridiculously over the top Cossack officer and the movie is essentially a combination of Murder on the Orient Express and The Thing. The movie was even partially based on the short story that inspired The Thing and it’s predecessor.  The guys try to get a handle on the powers of the mysterious creature killing everyone, the various weird subplots of every passenger on the train, the protocol of gentlemen scientists and much more.  You can sync up our commentary with the version of the movie below and get ready for some spooky, goofy 70’s fun this Halloween with the Everything Action crew.

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