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JK Simmons Meets JK Simmons in Counterpart (Starz)

Everything would be better with more JK Simmons and Starz is doubling down on that idea with their upcoming sci-fi thriller, Counterpart.  Simmons stars as Howard Silk, a low level worker at a UN agency who discovers that his “counterpart” from an alternate Earth has arrived on our Earth through a corridor that was opened during the Cold War.  The alternate Howard, despite identical genetics, is much different, more confident, and he claims an assassin from his world has arrived to take out targets on ours, including our Howard’s wife.  The whole idea and the way it’s executed reminds me a lot of how the dearly departed Fringe used to handle it’s alternate reality stuff but the way it looks calls to mind David Fincher, so either way I’m super intrigued.  Olivia Williams, Harry Lloyd, Kenneth Choi, Richard Schiff and Sarah Bolger co-star and Justin Marks, who wrote The Jungle Book, is the showrunner and it starts on January 21 for a 10 episode first season.  Check out the trailer below.

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