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Head Back into the Psychic Underworld with Shut Eye Season 2 (Trailer)

After years on USA as everyone’s favorite burned spy, Jeffrey Donovan headed to Hulu for the Breaking Badesque crime drama Shut Eye.  Playing disgraced magician turned con artist psychic Charlie Haverford, he seemingly starts to have actual psychic visions following some head trauma.  On top of that, he and his wife Linda (Kadee Strickland) are trying to scheme their way out from under the thumb of the Romani crime family that runs their psychic business, along with most of the psychics in Los Angeles and Charlie also inadvertently becomes BFFs with a mob boss played by David Zayas.  It’s not quite up to the level of a Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul but it’s a fun, solid show and the gypsy/psychic world is a cool change of pace from the usual drug business that similar shows are set in.  The second season of Shut Eye starts on December 6th on Hulu and you can check out the trailer below (Season 1 is also obviously still available right now if you want to catch up).


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