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Batman Goes Victorian in Gotham By Gaslight (Trailer)

Adapting what’s considered the first ever Elseworlds title, Batman: Gotham by Gaslight is the next DC Animated movie coming next year.  Set in a Victorian London style Gotham City, Batman (Bruce Greenwood) is hunting down Jack the Ripper, who is murdering women in the back alleys of the city.  Bruce also runs into Selina Kyle (Jennifer Carpenter), who is also looking to stop the Ripper.  Hellboy’s Mike Mignola brought his unique style to the original comic but it doesn’t seem like it’s really be translated to animation and has the same weirdly simple and not great looking style as The Killing Joke and Greenwood and Carpenter don’t seem too engaged in their characters, even though Greenwood has previously voiced Batman in Under the Red Hood and Young Justice.  The movie is another rated R entry into the DC animated universe as well, mostly for violence.  There’s not a definite release date yet but you can check out the trailer below.

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