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News Shotgun 11/25

  • MST3K Renewed for Another Netflix Season: The revival of MST3K on Netflix has been renewed for another season on Netflix.  Creator Joel Hodgson posted the news during the “Turkey Day” marathon on Shout Factory but there’s not really any other details like how many new episodes this season will be or what movies will be spoofed.
  • Ash Meets KISS comic coming soon: Ash Williams has met characters like Xena, Herbert West, Darkman, Freddy and Jason and now he’ll meet the rockers of KISS in an upcoming crossover comic from Dynamite Entertainment.  It will be out in February of next year and features KISS being kidnapped by demonic cultists and altering Ash’s destiny, as their tour that was one of the defining moments of his life is cancelled.
  • Jude Law joins Captain Marvel: Jude Law has apparently joined Brie Larson in the upcoming Captain Marvel movie as Dr. Walter Lawson aka Kree scientist Mar-Vell, whose powers transfer to Carol Danvers and turns her into Captain Marvel.
  • The Good Place renewed for another season: Michael Schur’s incredible and hilarious afterlife comedy The Good Place will be back for another season, as NBC has ordered Season 3.  The show is currently on winter break for it’s second season and will be back on January 4th.
  • Harley Quinn animated series coming to DC’s streaming service: DC’s upcoming streaming service, which already has a new season of Young Justice and the live action Titans show, is getting a Harley Quinn animated series as an exclusive as well.  The team behind Powerless (gag) is working on this and apparently they are looking to approach Margot Robbie to reprise her role, so it seems like it would be DCU Suicide Squad Harley if that’s the case.
  • Murder on the Orient Express sequel in the works: Kenneth Branagh’s reboot of Agatha Christie’s classic mystery has earned a sequel, with Branagh back to star and direct.  The new movie will be based on Death on the Nile, another Poirot mystery where the detective investigates the murder of a woman during a cruise down the Nile.
  • Universal and Sony apparently had talks to buy Fox: There was some news that exploded the internet a few weeks ago that Disney apparently had talks to buy 20th Century Fox that apparently fell through but Universal and Sony have had separate talks with Fox as well.  Neither of those apparently amounted to anything and there may be a clause that prohibits the transfer of Marvel characters to another buyer for Fox/Sony, so if Sony did purchase Fox, Fox’s rights to X-Men/Fantastic Four could potentially return to Marvel Studios.
  • Lizzy Caplan joins Gambit: Channing Tatum’s Gambit movie is still apparently in the works with Gore Verbinski behind the camera and now Masters of Sex star Lizzy Caplan has joined the cast in an unspecified role.  Based on the Gambit solo stuff of the classic animated series and this movie’s rumored plot, Caplan could potentially be playing Bella Donna Boudreaux, Gambit’s love interest from his thief days in the bayou and a member of the rival Assassin’s Guild.
  • Marvel unveils Marvel Strike Force for Mobile: Marvel unveiled a new free to play mobile game coming next year.  Marvel Strike Force has you assembling a squad of Marvel heroes to take on Thanos and it looks great graphics wise but it’s not clear how it will play, although there’s a trailer that says it’s actual gameplay.  You can pre-register for iOS and Android and get Daredevil for your team when the game launches.

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