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The Pull List – Eternity #2

Posted on November 29, 2017 by

Eternity #2 picks up as Divinity (Abram Adams) and his wife Myshka traveled into a unknown universe to search for their missing son. The two explore the planets, following the trail left behind from the Brothers of the Bomb, an alien cult that believes the earth child is the key for their future. Abram and Myshka find help in honorable inhabitants that lead them in the right direction. Else where in the universe, the Brothers of the Bomb are ambushed by the Sky bolts, a primitive group of warriors that have clashed with the Brothers in a endless struggle for power in their world. Abram and Myshka find themselves involved in a war between two different groups that will ultimate decided the fate of their child.

This is the issue that really delves into the world of the Unknown universe. The first issue is gave a peak into what was to come, and this chapter explains a bit of the grand scale of the world. We get some backstory of the aliens that have taken Divinity’s child, and there are introductions to more cosmic life and landscapes. We learn that there is a war between two groups that fight for different ideologies in this universe. One group, the Future-Light, focuses on the future and that a single vision of achieving one kind of goal. The other group, the Past-Light, focuses on learning from the past and making the freedoms to choice their future. The two groups are at war that entangles Abram and his family, and still has more mysterious to explore in the remain two issues. We come across figures that have some interesting backgrounds that we only get a hint of, there could be potential expansions with characters and settings that shape up more details about the Unknown universe.

Comic fans looking for more sci fi elements in their comic stacks should take a look at the Eternity series for some classic exploration settings. The heroes are meeting extrinsic creatures for the first time; new readers can drop in and experiencing the first contacts with new life forms like the main protagonists.

Eternity #2 is on sale November 29.

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