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The Pull List – Faith’s Winter Wonderland Special #1

Posted on December 5, 2017 by

Get into the holiday season with Valiant Comic’s Faith Herbert, also known by her code name Zephyr. When she is not busy teaming up with the Renegades, collection comic books or casually flying in the sky, she’s off taking a winter break. In Faith’s Winder Wonderland Special #1, Faith is on a little vacation and stumbles on an old postcard based on her favorite TV show Alice and Mister Rabbit. Soon after, Faith gets the Alice in Wonderland treatment and encounters a a talking white rabbit. Faith ventures deeper into a twisted version of Wonderland and must work together with her new rabbit friend to save Wonderland from being corrupted, all while managing the burdens of being an adult.

Faith Herbert is one of best well written characters created and she can shine in any out of this world situations, even if one of those worlds happens to be Wonderland. Writer Marguerite Sauvage and artists Francis Portela and M.J. Kim, create a easy to read one shot of Faith’s adventure, and it doesn’t need any required reading before opening up the issue. New comers can enjoy the issue as a straight forward fairy tale, as Faith’s journey into Wonderland has her confront strange creatures and settings that have only appeared in this issue. For more season readers of Faith, this is a great side story that shows off the innocent and bubbly nature of Faith’s character.

Faith’s Winder Wonderland Special #1 will be released December 6th 

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