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Action Hero of the Week: Frank McBain

Name: Frank “Bulletproof” McBain

Occupation: LAPD officer/former CIA(?) agent

Family: N/A

Allies: Billy Dunbar, Captain Devon Shepherd, Sgt. O’Rourke, Miles Blackburn, Hermano, Capt. Briggs, Tracy, Father Riley, Sister Mary, Jack Benson

Enemies: Col. Kartiff, Gen. Maximiliano Brogado, unnamed Russian major, Pantaro, Sharkey, Gen. Gallo, Camilo, Montoya

Weapon(s) of Choice: Thunderblast tank, Webley MK VI, M1911A, Uzi, AKM, High Standard Model 10B shotgun

Body Count: N/A

Memorable Quote: “I’m your worst nightmare butt-horn!”

See McBain in Action:


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