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The Pull List – Giants #1

Posted on December 12, 2017 by

If you are looking for a new kaiju story in your comics, the Valderrama Brothers got you covered in Dark Horse Comics Giant. Set in a post apocalyptic world that has left the earth destroyed by giantic monsters, the remnants of humanity has taken to the underground while avoiding the roaming monsters that battle on the surface and the harsh weather conditions that the earth has created. Two orphan teens, Gogi and Zedo, survive the dangerous streets where rival gangs the Bloodwolves and the Grim Bastards clash. Gogi and Zedo plan to join up with the Bloodwolves, but only if they can obtain ambernoir, a precious organic matter that is left behind by the monsters. Ambernoir is used for its energy resources and can be utilized to be destructive force. Gogi and Zedo decide to travel to the surface and search for ambernoir to earn the Bloodwolves respect, but they first must survive dealing with the giants.

In the first issue of Giantthe story is quickly mentions how these monsters appeared one day, and humans rebuilt themselves to be a underground society. Several generations of later, tension within the tight living quarters have closed gangs to rise and people to fight for dominance. Gogi and Zedo are eager street youths looking to make themselves bigger than their regular lives. Gogi has a brass attitude that complements Zedo’s calculate and careful approach. There are shots of the monstrous beast that roam the surface, enough of a teaser for what’s to come in future issues.

The Valderrama Brothers offer a different type of Kaiju tale that just monsters beating up each other up. The scrappy heroes surviving the wastelands is just the beginning of what kind of story the brothers want to tell. Along side the gangs, the deadly weather and the giant monsters, the other major threat of the Giants is the reckless nature of blind ambition. Like a cruel fairy tale, Gogi and Zedo troubles only get worst as they get themselves into more increasingly dangerous situations that get dwarfed when faced with an actual giant monster. How these two will survive, only the next issue will tell. 

Any comic fans looking to pick up a sci fi tale of scrappy heroes, violent wasteland punks and mega size monsters should take a look at Giants. Carlos Valderrama creates a great tale about ambition that is destructive both to the characters and their egos. Miguel Valderrama provides the colorful artwork that brings to life the underbelly of the underground city and the mega monsters that tower over the ruins of a forgotten society.

Giant #1 will be released December 13th.

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