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The Pull List – Quantum And Woody #1

Posted on December 18, 2017 by

The static duo are back to bumble their way in stopping injustice to the world. Eric Henderson and Woodrow Woody Van Chelton-Henderson are Quantum And Woody, two step brothers whose father’s mysterious death has lead them to become empowered by a pair of experimental atomized wristbands. These bands required to slam the wristbands into each other’s every 24 hours or become de-atomized by their powers. Before they gained their powers they each had lead vastly different life styles. Eric Henderson is a military person, with a sense of honorable and moral obligations. Woodrow Henderson is slacker and a cheat, always looking for the easy way in life. The two discovered and activated experimental wristbands that required them to patch up their differences and try to solve their father’s murder. Eric had taken his new powers to heart and embraced a new identity as Quantum, a hero that fights for justice. Woody, he just wanted a lot of free stuff. 

While the two are not fighting each other, they have managed to save the world a few times and have discovered new allies and enemies along the way. In the latest volume of Quantum And Woody, the story picks up after the two had prevented another crisis and life returns to a more slower pace. Eric has a job working security while Woody has a sleazy filled day coning and gambling. The unexciting routine of daily life is halted when Eric discovered a letter containing the identity and location of Woody’s biological father, the man that was believed to be dead and lead to Woody becoming part of Eric’s family. This secret letter might change everything the two brothers had understood about their families and will question the bond between the two.  

Quantum and Woody is not a typical superhero team and they know it. These guys are not always the best option to fight crime, but somehow save the day while leaving their enemies in utter disbelief. The series was original created by Christopher Priest and Mark D. Bright in 1997, and has been a cult comic favorite for its commentary on the superhero tropes and it’s hilarious writing. This newest addition brings together writer Daniel Kibblesmith and artist Kano, to bring to life the super dysfunctional powered brothers that delves deeper into the mysterious surrounding the Henderson’s and the Van Chelton’s. Kibblesmith creates a great clash between the two brothers, and sprinkles in a health amount of jokes to keep readers chuckling between panels. The total humor package is completed by Kano’s expressive art style that highlights the witty dialogue or rim shots a running gag. 

Veteran readers of the series get more insight to the Woody’s true parents, and the newly reveal reasons why he was placed into the care of the Henderson family. New readers can drop into the series at this major chapter of the two characters without much catching up in the series. (Tho, it’s always preferred to back read to be 100% in the know). 

Quantum and Woody will be released December 20th.


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