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The Pull List – Ninjak #2

Posted on December 19, 2017 by

Following the explosive cliffhanger of issue #1 of Ninjak, issue #2 reveals more about Ninja-D, a previous MI6 ninja agent who’s death is one of the many growing list of murdered other former ninjas. Colin King (Ninja-K), hunts down a lead that brings him to Ninja-D’s former lover Madame Charade. A killer, a master of disguise and a deadly femme fatale, Madame Charade was Ninja-D greatest loves and worst enemies. King’s encounter with the age villain leads him to another big break in his investigation. However, the more King learns about the past of Ninja-D and the actions that the MI6 Ninja Programme,the more King realizes that the hidden enemy can be anyone and could be as powerful as his own abilities.

The second issue of Ninjak delves deeper into the history of the Ninja Programme that shows the different struggles previous Ninja agents and their reasons to have a slight grudge against the whole institution. Colin King own struggle with MI6 has lead him to become a freelancer instead of a loyal agent. However, not every agent had that option. In a flash back Ninja-C is introduced and is shown that some agents yearned for a life outside of the spy game. A life filled with fighting villains and living on the edge can take a toll on a person. From the previous issue, we see that Ninja-D somewhat embraced the dangerous lifestyle, but ultimate there were some demons that kept him awake at nigh.

Like any good spy thriller, the villain’s master plan of the villain is slowly teased in this issue. The clues that Colin King find makes him slightly question the ethics of the Ninja Programme and what kind of horrors previous itineraries have done for the sake of order. The aged Madame Charade admits to Colin King that life beyond the battles of good and evil may lead to an empty life in the end. Its hard to imagine what super spy villains lives would be like once their glory days are faded (not many live to become nostalgic). Ninja fans and fans of gentleman spies should be reading along this great series about British ninjas from different decades that bring together the brutal arts of ninjutsu, the spy gadgetry of tomorrow and the polite matters of Michael Caine.

Ninjak #2 will be released December 20th.

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