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The Pull List – Rasputin: The Voice of The Dragon #3

Posted on December 26, 2017 by

The bullets and magic come flying in this issue of Rasputin. Professor Trevor Bruttenholm is a new recruit in a joint operation with the Allies to understand what the Axis powers are researching the dark arts. Tasked with a secret mission to learn more about “The Master” (aka Rasputin)Bruttenholm parachutes into a Nazi occupied France to pursuit a lead about what the Nazi’s are researching. Bruttenholm is met by A.N. Sandhu, a member of the Special Operations Executive and a former constable for the Indian Imperial Police. Sandhu had been investigating paranormal events before WWII, and his is well prepared to take on the newest challenges by the Axis forces. Bruttenholm and Sandhu hunt for Karl Ruprecht Korenen, a scientist obsess with extending human life and a devoted follower of Rasputin. Meanwhile Rasputin makes a deal that would bring him closer to the location of the tomb of the brotherhood of Ra. 

In this issue, Trevor Bruttenholm’s crash course as a spy for the Special Operations Executive increases the action and reintroduces characters from previous Hellboy story arcs. Long term readers will recognize A.N. Sandhu, a main figure in the Rise of the Black Flame story that dealt with a mystic cult in the 1920’s. A.N. Sandhu was a constable for the Indian Imperial Police that was faced with a super natural forces, later learning some mystic arts himself and becoming a key ally with the S.O.E, allowing more agencies being aware of super natural events. Another major character is Karl Ruprecht Korenen, the brilliant and psychotic scientist that transforms his body into a walking science experiment. Korenen plays a import role in the later Hellboy timeline and is shown to be just as twisted of a scientist in this story arc. Mike Mignola and Chris Roberson do an excellent job of rewarding fans of the Hellboy series by revealing bits of background of previous characters in colorful moments. Either by a bloody gun fights or flicking on a switch to re awaken the dead. The series is known for it’s use of recurring characters through the timeline and help establish pivotal moments for later events in the series. Bruttenholm troubles with the super natural are just the beginning in a enormous plot that will bring the creature Hellboy to the earth. 

Rasputin: The Voice of the Dragon #3 will be released December 27.

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