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The Pull List – Amazing Age #5

Posted on January 11, 2018 by

It’s time for the big show down with Sam, Violet and Mike against Gee and his super villain group. After a large ambush on the S.A.V.E base that leaves the three friends taken hostage, the remaining heroes are force to surrender. While Sam and Violent have just began to harness their super abilities, gaining the powers of the characters they replaced in this alternate world. However, Sam does not have full control of his abilities yet and Gee is fully aware of that. So many lives lost in the wake of Gee and his team, it will be up to the inexperienced trio to step up to the challenge to save the day.

The final issue wraps up the Amazing Age series in a neat conclusion that will leave the readers satisfy to finish. The ordinary teens turned superheroes moments do not happen often in the early issues. It was paced evenly to show that not everyone can just be a slap on a costume to be a hero, or even a villain. The moment the three friends finally become their altered ego form pays off in a dazzling display of punches, sparks and explosions. Amazing Age is a fantastic series that is a fan letter about why people read comics. The creative team of Matthew D. Smith, Jeremy Massie and Christine Brunson show their love of comics in this series and their own lives. (That’s the meta things about creating a comic about being a comic). Comic fans that have tried to draw up their own super powered world should definitely be on the look at for this whole series and relive those amazing times.

Amazing Age #5 will be released January 31st


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