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News Shotgun 1/13

  • Bob Odenkirk Starring in Action Movie Nobody: The once and future Saul Goodman is getting into the action movie game in a movie called Nobody, which finds Odenkirk as a man defending a woman from thugs and becoming a target of the local drug kingpin.  Derek Kolstad, who wrote both John Wicks, is writing the movie and John Wick producers David Leitch, Chad Stahelski and Kelly McCormick are producing.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio starring in Tarantino’s new movie: DiCaprio is reuniting with Tarantino for the upcoming ninth film from the director, which is still untitled but is set in Los Angeles in 1969 at the height of the Manson family killings.  DiCaprio is playing a TV star who is looking to break into the film industry with his stunt double best friend.
  • True Detective Season 3 confirmed for 2019: HBO confirmed that the upcoming third season of True Detective is out in 2019.  This new season stars Stephen Dorff and Mahershala Ali as the detective duo at the center and also co-stars Carmen Ejogo.  Deadwood’s David Milch co-wrote one of the episodes with creator Nic Pizzolatto, who wrote all the other episodes himself and Pizzolatto will direct at least one episode, as will Green Room director Jeremy Saulnier.
  • Starz picks up the John Wick TV series: Starz announced that they are developing the John Wick TV series, The Continental, based around the hotel of the same name in the John Wick universe.  Keanu will be an executive producer on the show and could potentially appear as John at some point and the show was described as being “concurrent” with the John Wick movies.
  • Fox shuffles X-Men movie release dates: New Mutants has been delayed from April of this year to February 2019 while Gambit is pushed back again to June 2019 after Gore Verbinski dropped out as director.  Deadpool 2, on the other hand, got moved up this summer from June 1st to May 18th.
  • Bryan Fuller joins Vampire Chronicles TV series: After parting with Starz and American Gods, Bryan Fuller has signed on to showrun a new TV series based on Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles series, which previously had film adaptations with Interview with a Vampire and Queen of the Damned.  Rice and her son Christopher Rice signed a deal with Paramount TV to bring the series to TV.
  • Duncan Jones’ Mute arrives next month on Netflix: After directing China’s favorite film, Warcraft, Duncan Jones is returning to the smaller sci-fi which put him on the map with Mute, which has been known about for a while but never had a solid release date.  Mute stars Alexander Skarsgård, Paul Rudd, and Justin Theroux and is Jones’ homage to Blade Runner and a “spiritual successor” to Jones’ Moon.
  • Valiant wants Vin Diesel for Bloodshot: Valiant Comics is looking to get into the cinematic universe game by launching films based on their various franchises, kicking off with Bloodshot and Harbinger, and the former apparently has Vin Diesel in talks to star.  Bloodshot is a genetically modified super soldier who is enhanced by nano technology that enhances his strength and senses and can let him instantly heal from most wounds.  It’s not clear when the Valiant universe will launch on the big screen.
  • Method Man joins Shaft reboot: Tim Story’s reboot/sequel to Samuel L. Jackson’s reboot/sequel to Richard Roundtree’s original Shaft now has Method Man joining the cast as an old neighborhood friend of Samuel L. Jackson’s Shaft.  The movie is supposedly going to focus on Jesse T. Usher’s Shaft, who is the son of Samuel L. Jackson’s John Shaft and father and son have to team up for a case that will most likely be in the vein of Ride Along, which Story also directed.  Richard Roundtree is expected to have a cameo as well and the movie is set for June 1r, 2019.
  • Hulu orders new seasons of Future Man and Runaways: Hulu has ordered second seasons for two of their original shows, the hilarious time travel action comedy Future Man and their Marvel show Runaways.  I haven’t seen Runaways yet but Future Man was fantastic and hilarious, especially Derek Wilson, and it did a great job of parodying and paying homage to various time travel movies along with getting into it’s own ridiculous plots.
  • Kitty Pryde movie in development: Deadpool director Tim Miller is apparently developing a solo Kitty Pryde movie for Fox.  This is apparently something Fox has been looking into for a while, even having the Juno screenwriters develop a script for when Ellen Page was playing the character.  It’s not clear how solid this is though in the wake of the Fox/Disney deal, as Disney could come in once they have full control and cancel everything in development but we’ll see.
  • Blumhouse developing anthology series for Hulu: Blumhouse has signed a deal with Hulu to develop a horror anthology series for the streaming service, which will air a new episode every month starting this October and going until October 2019.  The episodes, or maybe even movies if they are feature length, will be standalone but some sort of narrative or structural device will link them.
  • Goldbergs spin-off pilot will air as as regular episode this season: ABC was working on a Goldbergs spin-off that would focus on Bryan Callen and Tim Meadows’ characters in the 90’s but the series was not picked up.  The pilot for that series will now air as a special episode on January 24th for the current season of The Goldbergs.
  • TNT officially moving forward with Snowpiercer series: TNT has officially picked up the TV adaptation of Bong Joon-Ho’s 2013 movie Snowpiercer.  Jennifer Connelly and Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs are starring in the show and Scott Derrickson directed the pilot.
  • Shane Black working on a reboot of the 60’s Avengers: Black and his co-writer Fred Dekker are apparently working on a script for Warner Bros. to reboot The Avengers (the John Steed/Ms. Peel version, not Marvel’s) for TV.  The 1998 movie version with Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman is easily one of the worst movies ever made, even with a ridiculous villain played by Sean Connery.  There’s basically no details, like if it would be a period piece or a modern update, but I would kill for a version that was set in the 60’s and had the style of Guy Ritchie’s Man from UNCLE movie but with Black’s flair for dialogue.

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