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Jason Momoa and Stephen Lang are a Bad Ass Father/Son Duo in Braven (Trailer)

After being one of the best parts of Justice League as the cockily bad ass Aquaman, Jason Momoa is teaming up with the equally bad ass Stephen Lang for the upcoming action movie Braven.  Momoa and Lang are father and son who head up to their family cabin in the mountains to close it up for the winter.  Unfortunately for them, a gang of drug runners led by Garret Dillahunt have used the cabin to stash their latest score of drugs and are ready to take the cabin by force.  To make it even worse, Momoa’s daughter stashed away in his truck and is now in the line of fire.  It looks like a solid, old school action movie with what looks like some brutal defense tricks from Momoa and Dillahunt is always a great villain.  It’s directed by stunt coordinator Lin Oeding, whose worked on movies like The Equalizer, Mechanic: Resurrection, Batman v Superman, Spider-Man: Homecoming and tons more.  It’s out on VOD and in select theaters on February 2nd and you can check out the trailer below.

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