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The Pull List – Predator: Hunters TPB Edition

Posted on January 22, 2018 by

Its hunters vs hunters in a Predator tale that spans over thirty years of Predator lore. Through out history, Predators have visited earth to conduct their ritualistic hunts; finding the strongest and deadliest humans and collecting their skull as trophies. A few humans have survived a Predator encounter, and only a rare handful have killed one. In Predator: Hunters, a group of former soldiers, gang members, and government officials have teamed up to form a hunting party to track down and eliminate Predators around the world. Some of these members are survivors from previous Predator hunts that have a vendetta against the Predators. This group finds themselves heading to a remote location in the South Pacific to find their latest prey in the dense jungle filled with many hidden terrors.

Predator: Hunters sees the return of Enoch Nakai, a former USA military corporal and a lone survivor of a Predator encounter. Nakai was first introduced in Predator: Big Game, a tale about a Predator taking on a USA army base. Enoch Nakai was discharged from the military, but is still haunted by his experience. Nakai is recruited by Jaya Soames, Tyler Swain and Raphael Herrera, all survivors of Predator encounters and looking to get revenge. They are later joined by Mandy Graves, an ex-CIA operate and survivor from a previous Predator hunt in the story Predator: Bad Blood. The survivors and many others, are well trained and well equipped to take on the extraterrestrial killers. They are given support by various organizations to quietly and violently hunt down Predators.

This trade paper back edition is a collection of a five comic series. It was originally released from May 03, 2017 to September 06, 2017. Written by Chris Warner and illustrations by Francisco Ruiz Velasco, the series pays great homage to the myth and brutality of the Predators. Chris Warner was original writer for the first Predator comic series Predator: Concrete Jungleand still creates up a tale that matches the intensity of it’s predecessors. Francisco Ruiz Velasco artwork shows off the expansion armors and weaponry of the Predator universe and viciously action scenes. Predator: Hunters features some flashbacks to previous story arcs and a few undisclosed hunts through out time. Some of the earliest Predator hunts took place in the 19th century that pitted simple swords and shields against Predator technology. Even with the equipment disadvantage, humanity found a way to defeat the Predator and make the Predator a folk lore around the world. This quick explained how the public isn’t made aware of alien life (and the fact that they want to make people into trophies).

Fans of the Predator franchise should definite pick up this collection to read more about the complex and surprising relation humans have with the Predators. Early comic readers that have entered the series from the early 90’s will appreciate the appearances of previous characters and their transformations they have endured to take part in a new hunt. Predator: Hunters is a bloody and action pack series that will feels right at home with the movies, and future expands on the great lore of the deadly and honorable hunters.

Predator: Hunters will be released January 24th 2018.


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