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The Pull List – Ninjak #3

Posted on January 23, 2018 by

Ninjak gets closer to the truth and finds himself in the path of Ninja-C, a veteran agent that was believed to be long dead. An early agent from MI6 “Ninja Programme”, Ninja-C was personality trained by Ninja-B and isolated himself from the spy game after a violent escape from the reaches of MI6. However, Ninja-C remains to be a considerate threat and is just as deadly as an active Ninja agent. Ninjak and Ninja-C face off as the two exchange their connections to the Ninja Programme. Ninja-C reveals he is the one behind the assassinations of retired Ninja agents, working his way through a deep conspiracy that is digs up more horrible truths about MI6 and their plans with their own Ninjas. Ninja-C’s confessions shock Ninjak’s whole understanding of his training and his motivations to be an agent, bringing to question where his true alliances lie. The mysterious Ninja-C is no friend to Ninjak, but there might be some legitimacy to Ninja-C’s claims that will test Ninjak’s loyalty.

Issue #3 kicks off with an awesome ninja on ninja fight that shows off the timeless efficient of the Ninja Programme and the difference in technology between the two ninjas. Ninja-C is a man in his early 70’s and can still match strengths with Ninjak. From extreme training and high mental fortitude, Ninja-C is able to still be a deadly weapon in his late age and is the suppose assassin killing his way through the Ninja Programme. Ninjak isn’t completely distracted from Ninja-C’s ambush, but hesitant when he learns of Ninja-C’s motivations. Ninja-C’s revelations shines a different light in Ninjak’s past, causing Ninjak’s rethink what has caused him his most painful memories. Ninjak can shrug off gun shots, stab wounds and the occasional explosions, but losing his loved ones is one of his few weakness. Finding about that there is someone responsible for all the misery can change Ninjak completely.

At this point in the story, readers should be trying to caught up on Ninjak’s The Siege of King’s Castle story arc that explored more about Colin King’s past. Many of the twists from the previous story arc are now being re-examined with some of Ninja-C’s revelations. Drop in readers might have need to carefully read the cliff notes to get on track with certain characters and events, but the overall story seems to be heading to rewrite the background that Ninjak believed to know as the truth.

Ninjak #3 will be on sale January 24th 2018.

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