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The Pull List – Rasputin: The Voice of The Dragon #4

It’s mad science verses mystic powers in this issue of Rasputin: The Voice of The Dragon. Trevor Bruttenholm and A.N. Sandhu have caught up to Karl Ruprecht Korenen, the surgically enhanced Nazi scientist. But the two are ambushed by Korenen’s henchmen, a group of reanimated corpses brought back to life from Korenen many twisted experiments. Trevor Bruttenholm and A.N. Sandhu are held captive while Korenen prepares them to be his next test subjects. In a cavern deep below Paris, Rasputin and his men are digging to find the tomb of the brotherhood of Ra. Rasputin had made a deal with a spirit of one of the Ra followers, and was lead to the ossuary below Paris. Hidden among human bones is a secret chamber that contains a mystical power that would aid Rasputin in opening a portal. However, the chamber is well guarded and there are dangerous traps that lie in wait. As the two forces overcome their challenges, the final showdown will lead to a one side claiming Ra’s powers.

As issue three gave Trevor Bruttenholm an introduction to the spy game, issue four has him throwing punches and unloading machine guns. It’s cool to see the transformation of the reserved, quiet Bruttenholm becoming the quick thinking and action prompting Bruttenholm. His first mission doesn’t give him many breaks to let him organize himself to his original ways. A.N. Sandhu remain a defiant and crafty agent, showing no fear in the face of bizarre science experiments and a literal mad Nazi scientist. Fans that have been following the series this far are in for a confrontation between Bruttenholm and Rasputin that will start their decades of struggle in the future adventures.

Rasputin: The Voice of the Dragon #4 will be released February 7 2018.

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