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The Pull List – Giants #3

Posted on February 8, 2018 by

In a world where monsters literally roam, finding ways to survive are desperate measures.  Giants #3 picks up a few days after the Gogi is rescued by the surface scavenger group The Forsaken. Gogi had fallen ill from his injuries and need to fully recover. He had spend the time anxiously waiting to be lead back to the underground by The Forsaken leader Uron. But before Uron will guide Gogi, they must first wait for a winter storm to pass and have to collect enough ambernoir before they leave. The only way to collect ambernoir without being exposed to the extreme weather is to head underground, to a monster’s lair. Uron knows of one monster, named Wraith, that was badly injured in a fight with another monster, and takes Gogi to collect ambernoir that will be secreted by Wraith’s wounds. Meanwhile, Zedo has become a full fledged Bloodwolves gang member and takes the gang to a location near the surface that contains a large amount of ambernoir. Just when the Bloodwolves can start collecting, their rivals, The Grim Bastards, appeared and challenge the claim for all the ambernoir. Zedo, still feeling betrayed by Gogi, refuses to lose his discovery and struggles with The Grim Bastards. As the two brother follow different journeys since their separating, they both start to overcome their fears and find new strengths to help them survive.

In this third issue of Giants, we get to see how The Forsaken have manage to live on the surface and Uron’s leadership abilities. Each member of the The Forsaken have an up beat attitude about their living conditions and have found ways to thrive in the harsh environment. Titia, a spunky girl covered in band aids, likes to build makeshift tools and tries to spread her optimize to Gogi. The extreme conditions of the new earth has created monstrous creatures, and Gogi comes face to face with large worms that terrified him. Faced with another challenge, Gogi has an eternal conflict to fight or run away, something that still haunts him about his last moment with Zedo.

We also see Zedo in the Bloodwolves, and how he proudly shows off the ambernoir he had found. It doesn’t seem like he had told the gang that Gogi had abandon him, Zedo has moved past it to reach his goal of becoming part of the Bloodwolves. It can be assumed that Zedo still finds his separation from Gogi to be still emotionally painful. The Grim Bastards make a return and have come back to get revenge on the Bloodwolves for what Zedo and Gogi had destroyed in previous events. After Zedo had survived dangerous encounters with huge killer bugs, taking on The Grum Bastards doesn’t seem to scare him as much.

If you have been following Giants so far, you will really enjoy how Gogi and Zedo are learning to face their fears. Changing from their naive carefree nature to toughening up and becoming stronger to survive. The action sequences are kicked up a notch with a sword battle by Uron and Gogi as they slice up giant worm creatures, leaving the visuals with  splashes of purple goop. The Valderrama Brothers are building a tense and dramatic story in Giants as the Gogi and Zedo began to endure their own challenges, and will one day have their reunion.

Giant #3 will be released February 14th 2018.



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