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The Pull List – Ninjak #4

Posted on February 12, 2018 by

NInja-C revaluation to Ninjak (Ninja-K) about the Acclimation Bureau proves to be true. Behind every ninja agent in the MI6 programme, there was a team of agents carefully organizing events to keep the ninja agents in line. A field agent could not mix spy work and a normal life while being an activate agent and the Acclimation Bureau was meant to keep those life styles separated. Ninja-C had realize the devious actions the bureau had influenced in his past, keeping Ninja-C from experiencing love, starting a family and living a peaceful life. Now with nothing holding Ninja-C back from extracting his revenge, Ninja-C looks to Ninjak to help take down MI6 most convert project. But before Ninjak joins of Ninja-C plan, he wants more proof of the Acclimation Bureau corrupt effects. He meets with another “retired” ninja agent that managed to get away from all the spy games and live her own life. The first ever female and black agent, Ninja-G.

The introduction of Ninja-G follows is another amazing ninja character that shows that any person with the right drive can survive the ninja training. Ninja-G was a legendary agent in the 70’s. Earning her title by her desire to be the best by her skills and passion alone, all while dealing with sexism and racism. (Even at a deadly organization like the MI6 Ninja Programme, social progress is slow.)  Ninja-G grew up an orphan child that was enrolled at in MI6’s “Special Finishing School”, a institution meant to recruit potential spies to be used as seduction agents. Finding the idea of being used like that repulsing, Ninja-G’s violent outburst drew the attention of the Ninja Programme, and the interest of the ninja training of the programme, The Jonin. Like previous agents, her past with filled with secret missions, deadly battles and living a double life. And like previous agents, she always was lead back to the being a weapon for MI6 through tragic events. The Acclimation Bureau was there to control Ninja-G action. Forcing her to risk her live in missions and making sure nothing would interfere her focus.

Issue #4 is a major turning point for Ninjak. Ninjak realizes that all of his previous experiences may not be all coincidences, but a perfectly planned out “accidents” that forced him to become this living weapon. Christopher Gage had left enough bread crumbs in the previous issues to finally reveal the Ninja-C motivation and the long dark history of the Acclimation Bureau. The Acclimation Bureau is revealed to be one of the most manipulative and destructive enemies to the ninja field agents, they know all of the agent’s weakness and how to correctly exploit it. Juan Hose Ryp once again illustrates beautiful scenes of tense combat and utter sadness, giving the reader enough details to bond with the character with a few panels. The bureau is an interesting enemy that mask itself as an ally, and Ninjak must decide the right course of action in next month’s issue. 

Ninjak #4 will be released February 14th 2018.

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