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The Pull List – Quantum And Woody #3

Posted on February 19, 2018 by

Before Quantum And Woody travel down to Australia for a “family reunion”, issue #3 flashes back to very special moment of when the family goat went into labor. In a prior Quantum And Woody story, Thomas Edison (Yes, that Mr. Electricity), sent his goons to ambush Quantum And Woody, and their goat that contained the memories of their late father, Dr. Derek Henderson. The goat triggered an energy singularity and caused the goat to carry a new life form. This new life form and the memories of This issue explores that previous unfinished event and it gets weird. So prepare to get a bit grossed out, laugh out loud and get misty eyed, this issue will hit you square in the emotions if you let it.

Issue #3 explores the origins of Derek Henderson, a gifted scientist and father to Eric And Woody. Derek was raised in a under class family, struggling to fight through poverty and racism, and shaping his career in the science field. Inspired by his childhood love of sci fi movies, Derek dreamed of becoming a scientist and helping people. He found help and hindrances in his life that pushed him along his journey. His own moral ethics would guide him into getting creating quantum energy projects that would benefit humanity and would later pass this along to his sons; Eric taking this to heart and Woody half paying attention.

Daniel Kibblesmith does a fantastic job of creating a dramatic story about the fascinating life of Derek Henderson, a regular non-powered person that is just missing a mask and cape. The story is a fairly easy drop in point to get an understand of the core of the Quantum and Woody stories, but it may be harder for some to understand the whole Dad-Goat business. Issue #3 will be beloved by veteran fans of the series to that needed some closure from the prior story arcs, it re-introduces Derek Henderson in a fun way, and has very satisfying ending that doesn’t distract that the continuation of the plot of issue #2. If the series has more moments of it’s pages for quick emotional bits, prepare for more comics you don’t want to read in public. (This time for wholesome reasons!)

Quantum And Woody #3 will be on sale February 21 2018 


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