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The Pull List – Hungry Ghost #2

Posted on February 20, 2018 by

The second course is served in the next set of chilling tales from the chefs. The first tale is Salty Horse, taking placing in the Spanish country side with Don Haro, a man with a feverish craving for horse meat. Some people may regard horses as unappetizing animals, Don Haro’s obsession with the horse meat will lead him into more trouble than he can chew. The second tale is The Heads, taking place in Lombary, Italy and features a master less chef apprentice looking for a new home. A chance encounter with a new opportunity in a  restaurant with other wayward cooks. However, the chef apprentice discovers there is more to this new opportunity and tries to avoid getting himself on the dinner menu.

Comic fans looking for some mature horror will find these tales delightful, the anthology format drops the readers into the story and leaves them looking forward for the next tale.  Anthony Bourdain and Joel Rose don’t cramp too much dialogue into these stories, much of development relies on the subtle detail in what is described. The artwork of the series does not have a graphic depictions of gore, but has haunting imaginary. Leonardo Manco illustrations for Salty Horse can make any meat fan feel a bit uneasy the next time they eat a steak. Mateus Santolouco blends in comedy and horror in The Heads that is playfully bizarre, and puts a new twist loosing your head.  These diverse tales showcases the world of frighting monsters and how food being a common factor. It goes to show that no matter what the creature, a monster or human got to eat.

Hungry Ghost #2 is on sale February 28th

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