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Reboot Gets a Reboot with Reboot: The Guardian Code (Trailer)

Reboot is a favorite of many a 90s kid, being an introduction to computer graphics and highly inaccurate information about how computers work but now the series is making a comeback with the live-action/animation hybrid, Reboot: The Guardian Code.  Unlike the original series, this new version follows 4 high schoolers in the real world who discover a hidden room in their tech based school that transports them into cyberspace where they become the Guardians and must protect the virtual and real world from an evil hacker trying to destroy them both.  The only real tie in to the original seems to be a resurrected Megabyte, who this evil hacker sends against the quartet and it actually seems more like Tron or a Saban show than Reboot.  All episodes will be available on Netflix on March 30th and you can check out the trailer below.

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