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Admit One 2/23

By Zach

Game Night

Starring: Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams, Sharon Horgan, Kyle Chandler, Lamorne Morris, Billy Magnussen, Jesse Plemons

Directed by: John Francis Daley, Jonathan M. Goldstein

Plot: A group of friends who meet regularly for game nights find themselves trying to solve a murder mystery.

Rotten Tomatoes Freshness: 84%

Critic Consensus: “With a talented cast turned loose on a loaded premise — and a sharp script loaded with dark comedy and unexpected twists — Game Night might be more fun than the real thing”


Starring: Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tuva Novotny, Oscar Isaac

Directed by: Alex Garland

Plot: A biologist signs up for a dangerous, secret expedition where the laws of nature don’t apply.

RT Freshness: 89%

Critic Consensus: “Annihilation backs up its sci-fi visual wonders and visceral genre thrills with an impressively ambitious — and surprisingly strange — exploration of challenging themes that should leave audiences pondering long after the end credits roll”

Every Day

Starring: Angourie Rice, Maria Bello, Debby Ryan, Jacob Batalon, Justice Smith, Owen Teague

Directed by: Michael Sucsy

Plot: A shy teenager falls for someone who transforms into another person every day.

RT Freshness: 58%

Critic Consensus: N/A

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