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EA Commentary: Blade

For the latest Everything Action commentary, Zach, Chris, Chris Ali and special guest Phil from Digital Pimp dive into superhero movie that kickstarted the entire modern age of superhero/comic book movies, 1998’s Blade.  Wesley Snipes stars as Blade, the “Daywalker”, who was born with vampiric powers but almost none of a vampire’s traditional weaknesses and battles vampires with his partner/weapons expert Whistler, played by Kris Kristofferson.  The duo’s latest target is Deacon Frost (Stephen Dorff), a brash younger vampire who wants to fulfill an ancient prophecy and unleash a god called La Magra, who will turn everyone in his path into a vampire and take over the world.  The guys dive into the technotastic soundtrack, the bad assery of Wesley Snipes, vampire lore, Whistler exposition dumps and much more.  You’ll have to seek out Blade on DVD/Blu-Ray or rent it digitally, as it’s currently not available on any streaming service but you can sync up a copy to our commentary below.

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