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News Shotgun 3/3

  • Avengers: Infinity War moves up a week: Avengers: Infinity War is coming out earlier than expected, as Disney has moved the release date up from May 4th to April 27th, a week sooner.  The move may be to avoid competing with Deadpool 2 and Solo and possibly to get the Black Panther audience back in theaters sooner.
  • Release date for Archer Season 9: Archer and the gang are back on FXX for the ninth season of Archer on April 25th.  Archer is still in a coma and his mind creates Danger Island, where Archer is a pilot in the South Pacific on the eve of World War II and the rest of the gang are various pirates and rogues.
  • Wonder Woman 2 may have it’s villain: Wonder Woman 2 may have found it’s villain as apparently Kristen Wiig is in talks to play Cheetah for the upcoming 80’s set sequel.  Cheetah is one of Wonder Woman’s main villains, with four different characters taking on the mantle.  Two of them just donned cheetah print outfits but the two most recent incarnations transform into an animal form with the speed, strength and appearance of a cheetah.
  • Title and stars for Tarantino’s new movie revealed: After lots of rumors and vague details, Tarantino’s newest filim is now officially Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and will star Leonardo DiCaprio as former western star Rick Dalton and Brad Pitt as his stunt double and friend Cliff Booth in 1969 Los Angeles.  They are trying to keep working after they’ve hit their peak and one quirk is that Rick lives next door to Sharon Tate.  The movie is coming on August 9th, 2019.
  • Nightwing solo movie probably at least 5 years away: The DC movie universe continues to be unstable and in flux as Chris McKay, who signed on to direct a solo Nightwing film, has put that movie on hold to direct the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie, which is set for July 2021, which would Nightwing probably a 2023 release at the earliest.
  • The Punisher Season 2 gets new cast members: Some new faces will appear alongside Frank Castle in Season 2 of The Punisher with Josh Stewart, currently the villain of USA’s Shooter, Floriana Lima, Maggie Sawyer from Supergirl, and Giorgia Whigham, of The Orville and Son of Zorn, all joining the cast.  Jon Bernthal is obviously back along with Ben Barnes, Amber Rose Revah and Jason R. Moore.
  • New cast member for Captain Marvel: Captain Marvel, starring Brie Larson, has gotten a new cast member with Gemma Chan, of AMC’s Humans, will play Minn-Erva, who in the comics is a Kree scientist and spy.
  • Scarface remake talks back on: There’s been talk of a Scarface reboot for the last few years and Antoine Fuqua, who was previously in talks to direct, is back in talks with Universal to direct a remake of the Al Pacino classic.  The movie was shooting for an August 2018 release date but that has obviously been delayed and Diego Luna has been attached to star for a while.
  • Silver Surfer movie in the works at Fox: Fox is trying to get a ton of projects off the ground before Disney, or possibly Comcast, buys them and one of the latest is a Silver Surfer solo movie, being written by Brian K. Vaughn.  Vaughn is also working on a Kitty Pryde movie with Deadpool director Tim Miller.
  • The Rocketeer getting kid focused animated series: There was a reveal last year that a new Rocketeer was in the works and this week it was revealed that there will be an animated series on Disney Junior aimed at 2-7 year olds.  The new Rocketeer is a young girl named Kit, who inherits the rocket pack and becomes a superhero. Each episodes will be around 10 minutes long and feature an original song in each episode.  This all seems extremely bizarre, because isn’t your main audience nostalgic fans who saw the movie back in the 90’s and are kids really into the 40’s/50’s?
  • M. Night Shyamalan developing thriller series for Apple: Apple is looking to get into the original series game for their Apple TV and M. Night Shyamalan has signed up to create a thriller series for them.  There’s no title or details besides the fact that Tony Basgallop, who worked on 24: Live Another Day and Berlin Station, is writing the series, which will be half hour episodes.
  • The Purge series starts casting: The First Purge is coming this summer but there’s also a Purge TV series in the works and some cast members have been revealed.  Gabriel Chavarria, most recently in War for the Planet of the Apes, will star as Miguel, a soldier who returns to his hometown on Purge Night to protect his family.  Jessica Garza, who has appeared on NCIS and Modern Family, will play Penelope, who is a member of a Purge worshipping cult.
  • Chris Hemsworth in talks for the Men in Black reboot: Sony recently announced they were rebooting Men in Black with director F. Gary Gray at the helm and Sony is now in early talks with Chris Hemsworth to star.  The new movie will be set in London and will be a Jurassic Worldesque soft reboot where the prior films happened and are referenced but this new movie will start it’s own chapter and will follow a trio of main characters.

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