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Johnny Knoxville Runs an Amusement Park in Action Point (Trailer)

Inspired by the infamously dangerous New Jersey amusement park Action Park, the latest movie for the team behind Jackass creates an only slightly exaggerated version of that park with Action Point.  Knoxville plays D.C., the owner of run down, completely unsafe Action Point, which is threatened when a fancy corporate park opens nearby.  Doubling down on the out of control and dangerous rides and attractions, Action Point becomes a destination for out of control and no rules fun.  Chris Pontius reunites with Knoxville and the movie is following up Bad Grandpa’s mash-up style of a scripted story sprinkled with classic Jackass style stunts, with Knoxville hurling himself down slides and getting impaled on porcupine quills.  It seems like it could be a pretty fun time this summer at the box office; it’s out on June 1st and you can check out the trailer below.

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